PHP Development, webmaster resource

The site contains internet-related software and web scripts (PHP, JavaScript, etc).

Selected web scripts:

  • CMS — PHPDevel CMS is a feature-rich content management system that allows to maintain a multi-language website with multi-level structure. Create FAQ pages. Create forums. Create hint system (popup hints, custom hint targeting rules). Create online store. Add other types of items: articles, blogs, locations (Google map), media files (gallery), partner links and more. PHPDevel CMS includes membership system: personal blogs, albums, internal mail, friends, groups and other.
  • Search Engine — PHP search engine and site health monitoring script. Use the script to add search functionality to your website. Search several websites from one place. Check site for broken links and other SEO problems.
  • Link Checker — The script can be used to check website for broken links in HTML («a», «embed», «form», «iframe», «img», «input», «link», «object», «param», and «script» tags) and CSS («background-image» and «list-style-image» properties) files.
  • Instant Messenger — The software can be used to add an instant messaging service like ICQ to a community website or a private network. The software includes client application for Windows and instant messaging server for FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows.